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Bear Hunting Results in Huge Bear PawWelcome to Bear-Hunting.Org, the hunter’s website on bear hunting. This site is dedicated in teaching both the novice and expert hunter about bear hunting. If you’re a first time hunter then this site will be your best resource on bear hunting. Even avid hunters looking to hunt bears will benefit from the information provided on this website. Our goal is to safely educate hunters on how to hunt bears humanely, safely and legally. We also provide other hunting resources that can benefit all hunters. Remember, when it comes to learning about bear hunting online no other website can compete with Bear-Hunting.Org!

Bear Walking in the WoodsSo, you’re ready to get started into the exciting world of bear hunting? You can use our navigational menu located just above to get started. We suggest you start by viewing our bear hunting guide and bear hunting tips. If you’re a new hunter or you’ve never hunted before you should also review our hunting safety article. You must follow all hunting laws in the state you plan on hunting in. This is just the introduction of our website and by using the navigational menu on the right you’ll find a lot more information on bear hunting. You can also continue reading below before moving on to another article.

Bear Hunting Basics

Hunting a bear is one of the most exciting types of a game a hunter can go after. Ask any hunter that has hunted bear and they’ll claim the experience is like no other. The actual tracking and stalking of a bear is just as much fun as actually getting one. However, before going on the hunt you’ll need to make sure you follow all hunting safety regulations and hunting laws in that region. You’ll also need to make sure you have the right licenses and permits; not only can you be fined and lose your equipment you can be jailed.

Black Bear HuntingIf possible, on your first bear hunting trip you should take someone with experience in hunting bears. This will help educate you more and also help improve your chance of nabbing a bear. You’ll never stumble upon a bear in the wild, it can happen, but the odds are far against your favor. You’ll need to find an area that a bear is using for foraging or lodging. Our bear hunting guide and bear hunting tips can help you determine if a bear is using a specific area in the wild.

You should also make sure you have all the hunting equipment you’ll need for bear hunting. This includes making sure you have the right clothing, supplies, etc. Being ill prepared in the wild can have negative consequences; always have a first aid kit available, along with a method of communication. Always make sure someone knows when you’re leaving, where you’ll be hunting and when you’ll be back. This way if something happens and you don’t return they can report you missing to the proper authorities.

About our Site

This website is dedicated to educating both novice and expert hunters in the art of bear hunting. However, until you actually get out there and do it on your own no website, friend or lesson is going to give you the in-field knowledge you need. We’ll do our best to send you in the right direction with the proper information. All the information provided on this website is solely for education. Bear hunting is dangerous; a bear is much larger, stronger and faster than a human. A bear can run faster than you and even climb a tree better than you.

With this said, by using this site you agree to not hold us liable for any damages, loss or loss of life due to information used on this website. We suggest you follow all local and state laws in regards to hunting safety. We hope you enjoy your first or further bear hunting experiences and do it safely and humanly. So, now that our legal disclaimer is out of the way (thanks to our lawyers, who are meaner than bears!) get going on learning how to hunt bears!