Battle of baiting nocturnal bears by Nick Hopkins


Check out this article written byBoarmasters Wildlife Attractants owner Nick Hopkins on the Battle of Baiting Nocturnal Bears.

By Nick Hopkins


Bear hunting is extremely challenging,  but is also one of the most adrenaline packed hunting adventures you’ll ever do.  There are many methods and options for pursuing and hunting bears and all provide some great challenges.  I get in conversations every year with people who have never had the chance to hunt bears.  Many of those same people think hunting bear over bait isn’t fair, or not as challenging.  Well I’m here to tell you baiting bear will be one of the most challenging but rewarding hunts you’ll ever do.  I’ve hunted many different animals including  elk, deer, antelope, moose, coyotes, and even mountain lion, but my bear hunts still stand out as my most challenging hunts ever.   Not only is baiting bear a huge amount of work, that’s only half the battle,  Once baits and stands are set we have to trick the bears into eating, and eating during the daylight hours.  Its really easy for a bear to feed at night on their own schedule and comfort level.  So using tricks to get a bear to feed during the daylight is key to harvesting a bear over bait.  At BoarMasters, us and our team of outfitters and prostaffers run over 150+ bait sites a year.  This gives us plenty of opportunity to test, and research ideas, and test new products and theories.  Below are some tips we have learned over the years……… more

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