Montana resident has bears in her yard in February……


BoarMasters Sweet Surrender Bear attractants

BoarMasters Top Predator Paste Review


Amy’s bear was addicted to Sweet Surrender before season started!

BoarMasters Top Predator Paste is a concentrated sticky bait that draws predators in with its irresistible smell and keeps them around with its addictive taste.

At Pleasant River Guide Service we use the Sweet Surrender flavor, the bears go crazy for it! The first time I smelled Sweet Surrender it was an powerful and familiar smell that made my mouth water. Think of the best jelly donut filling you’ve ever had, multiply it by 100 in sweetness and thickness.

Basically, Sweet Surrender is the queso of bear baits, no one can resist queso. No matter how full you are, if quest is in front of you, you’ll eat it.

Sweet Surrender is also waterproof, a little will go a long way and will stay until that predator find and devours it. The 16oz container lasts a long time even with multiple bait sites.

Made with only pure ingredients, Sweet Surrender is not a glorified mineral lick – no salt or roughage in this premium gooey goodness. However, it’s not made for human consumption no matter how tempting it is, and it is so incredibly tempting.

One place we put Sweet Surrender is right on the barrel, in 2015 Amy’s bear would plop on her belly and lap up all the paste she could find. During the hunt, Amy said her bear came straight in for the paste allowing Amy to shoot her biggest bear to date!


Amy’s bear was addicted to Sweet Surrender before season started!

Amy successfully took her bear with her bow on opening day of season 2015


Amy’s pumpkin headed sow was old and when the taxidermist was skinning her, he discovered she had a tooth from another bear lodged in her jaw in a healed wound. Bears are insanely tough, but they are no match for Sweet Surrender!


Amy’s bear


So if you are looking for a bait that will stick around and bring in bears and furbearers to your bait or trap, look no further than BoarMasters Top Predator Paste in Sweet Surrender!



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DNR wants more Bear tags issued….

Feb 12th 2017


Michigan DNR is recommending more bear tags be issued for 2017,  They would like to see an increase of approximately 160 licences statewide,  This does not mean 160 will be killed but a good average of about 50% of those are possible.

Estimated Michigan black bear population is about 12,ooo bears and about 1500 of those are harvested each year and the population is still growing,  Michigan DNR is receiving lots of complaints of more nuisance bears each year,  not just the regular bear in a campfire or licking on a bbq grill but a rise in human bear attacks, pets and domestic attacks.  Hunting is a great management tool to control that.   This is why they are asking for the increase, In order to keep a healthy bear population DNR would like to see more licenses.

Majority of the complaints have came from the northern lower Peninsula, but a rise of complaints across the board.

May 1st is the application date for a bear licence and Michigan DNR will have a decision by then.

A chart of the projected licenses is provided below on which regions the tags will be increased.



New York State Harvests 2016 are in

Bebruary 12 2017

New York state bear harvest data is in,   The state reports hunters resident and non-resident killed 1,539 black bears during the 2016 hunting seasons.  Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos announced today.
The Department of Environmental Conservation reports that hunters took a total of 1,025 black bears in the Southern Zone, Fairly close to the 2015 harvest data as well but up from a 5 year average.   In the Northern Zone, 514 bears were killed, down about 12% from 2015.
550 lbs was the heaviest bear reported for 2016 season, Taken in Brandon, Franklin County,
7 Bears reported between 400 and 500 lbs!
Bear Harvest data for the 2016 season is linked below



State of Montana approves Lighted nocks for Archery season 2017

After several years of battling the lighted nock issues, the state of Montana has finally jumped on board to approve lighted nocks for archery season 2017.  Montana and Idaho are of the few last states that do not allow lighted nocks.   In Idaho it is still illegal to use lighted nocks.

“The lighted nock has always made a lot of sense to me,” FWP Commissioner Matt Tourtlotte said during the board’s Friday meeting. “I would hate for it to be a gateway for this other technology to come tumbling into a sport that has its roots in a primitive core. But I advocated for it in the past, and I support it now.”

The lighted nock is the very tip of the arrow that attaches to the string of the bow,  it does not help in shot placement or help anyway with giving the hunter a bigger advantage, its sole purpose is to help the hunter see where his arrow flew, hit or miss this gives the hunter the proper education of what needs to be done next,  if a hunter can find his arrow it gives him the knowledge of knowing if he hit the animal, and if he needs to wait, or move on with his hunt.   It simply lights up when the arrow is fired and has a switch to be turned off when the arrow is found.  They are extremely bright and allow you to watch the arrow all the way to the target.   Arrows are extremely hard to find in the brush and many hunters lose their arrows in the grass which causes more delay and less information of whether to pursue the animal or wait an hour before jumping the animal if wounded.  Its a great tool just for helping hunters find their arrows and see shot placement as the arrow flies.  The lighted nock stays on for 24+ hours.   So you can even come back at night and find the arrow if needed.   Saves Archers tons of money in the long run finding expensive arrows in the field.    All in all hunters this would give hunters a tool in recovering a wounded animal and nothing more.

 Pope and Young Club previously did not consider animals taken with lighted or electronic assistance. But the club changed its rules in 2015 to allow lighted nocks.

“It’s almost like having a tracer bullet being used,” Commissioner Gary Wolfe said. “If an animal jumps but doesn’t run off, you adjust your shot and shoot again.”

Some may argue this allows hunters to shoot later in the evening, early morning or darker situations,  this is not the case,  At a certain point in the evening you cannot see your aiming pins or your peep site  reguardless of the lighted nock.    Most Fish and game officers have viewed the lighted nock as a tool and are on board with this change.




Pennsylvania producing more record size bears and harvest totals

2016  Lycoming County Pennsylvania  has an excellent year!

Non-resident and resident bear hunters help contribute to a high success rate this year in PA,  This year Pennsylvania hunters harvested 3,529 bears, the fifth-highest tally in state history. Warren County hunters harvested 131 bears, good enough for the fifth most in the state, according to a press release from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Lycoming County contriubted the most bears taken with 243 harvested. Rounding out the top five were Clinton County (220), Tioga (149), and Potter (141).

The 131 bears taken in Warren easily outnumbered neighboring counties McKean (106 bears taken), Elk (74), Forest (74), Venango (94), Crawford (57), and Erie (28).

2015 bear totals reported by Times Observer show 3,748 bears, including 68 weighing 500 pounds or more, were taken.   Although 2016 isn’t an all time high, harvest high was recorded in 2011, when 4,350 bears were harvested. Hunters harvested 4,164 in 2005.

The state wildlife agencies estimate the bear populations to be approximately 20,000.

Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough said Pennsylvania’s black bears continue to inspire interest in bear hunting.

“Our bears are so big, and so plentiful, it’s hard not to get excited about hunting for them,” Hough said. “Many deer and turkey hunters have become Pennsylvania bear hunters because of the bears and bear sign they see while afield. It’s a pursuit with undeniable excitement and huge rewards.

(number totals and certain specific information above taken from Times Observer Andrew Morrison)


Battle of baiting nocturnal bears by Nick Hopkins

Check out this article written byBoarmasters Wildlife Attractants owner Nick Hopkins on the Battle of Baiting Nocturnal Bears.

By Nick Hopkins


Bear hunting is extremely challenging,  but is also one of the most adrenaline packed hunting adventures you’ll ever do.  There are many methods and options for pursuing and hunting bears and all provide some great challenges.  I get in conversations every year with people who have never had the chance to hunt bears.  Many of those same people think hunting bear over bait isn’t fair, or not as challenging.  Well I’m here to tell you baiting bear will be one of the most challenging but rewarding hunts you’ll ever do.  I’ve hunted many different animals including  elk, deer, antelope, moose, coyotes, and even mountain lion, but my bear hunts still stand out as my most challenging hunts ever.   Not only is baiting bear a huge amount of work, that’s only half the battle,  Once baits and stands are set we have to trick the bears into eating, and eating during the daylight hours.  Its really easy for a bear to feed at night on their own schedule and comfort level.  So using tricks to get a bear to feed during the daylight is key to harvesting a bear over bait.  At BoarMasters, us and our team of outfitters and prostaffers run over 150+ bait sites a year.  This gives us plenty of opportunity to test, and research ideas, and test new products and theories.  Below are some tips we have learned over the years………..read more

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Additional Utah Bear Tags for 2017

News in from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources 

Counts and harvest reports show Black Bears doing well in Utah

Wildlife Resources

Due to the exploding bear numbers in Utah, Biologists have recommended a tag increase to help manage the black bear population and keep the bears at a controlled population.  Predator management is key to keeping other issues from arising and also keeps bears, wolves and other predators from attacking livestock and encroaching on housing looking for food and/or pets.


You can see the black bear rules the board approved in the 2017 in the Utah Black Bear Guidebook. The Guidebook will be available by late January at the website —>>>  www.wildlife.utah.gov.

Bears doing well

Utah has a healthy, robust population of black bears, says Rusty Robinson, wildlife biologist with the DWR. “Over the past three years,” he says, “the state’s bear population has grown by about 4 percent each year.”

The reports and statistics show that the highest increase in the bear populations are mainly in the southern part of Utah.  This is no surprise to Utah as the populations have been on a steady rise for years.

There has been an increase of reports regarding bear conflicts with livestock and also human conflicts in campgrounds and hiking trails.  As these problems rise you see more of a concern each year as bears seem to get more comfortable each year as they have more human contact, and increasing numbers also lead to this with  livestock, crops and human conflict.

Rusty Robinson- Utah Wildlife Biologists says population indicators in the Utah Black Bear Management Plan help biologists recommend permit numbers. The indicators measure how the bear population is doing and whether the number of hunting permits should be increased, decreased or remain the same. The indicators also help ensure Utah’s bear population is healthy by keeping a good number of male and female bears in the population.  Take a look at the plan at the link provided.  wildlife.utah.gov/bear/pdf/2011_bear_plan.pdf.

“A few years ago, we began implementing new strategies to manage bears,” Robinson says. “We feel those strategies are working: bear populations are being kept within the sideboards of Utah’s bear management plan, and we’re seeing fewer conflicts between bears and people.”

Utah don’t plan a big increase in tags with a recommendation of 46 additional tags in the southeastern side of Utah, Of course not all of these tags will be filled and more than likely 50% fill rate would still be higher than most would expect, but the hunting pressure alone will help educate the bears that they are being hunted and this normally pushes them back to the deeper country and promotes less human/bear conflict along with keeping them from pursuing livestock and putting pressure on the farmers.



Save Maine’s Bear Hunt

Save Maine’s Bear Hunt and Management Programs is a campaign designed to educate Maine voters about the negative impacts of the proposed referendum that would ban bear baiting, trapping, and hounding. We encourage you to explore our website and sign up to receive more information. Check back soon as our campaign is just getting off the ground and we will be making regular updates.




New! Caramel Conviction by Boarmasters

Boarmasters one of the leaders in the bear scent,lure and attractant industry has released a new scent for 2014! The bear lure packs an EXTREME punch! Almost an unbelievable smell that will take your breath away. It is by far the strongest butterscotch smell i have ever smelled! Mix 1-2 oz with 5 gallons used fryer grease or liquid of some kind. We used fryer grease and it worked well! Check it out!